Backstage with Tru Serva

What are you passionate about? 

Jesus. My wife. Being a husband to her. The best husband I can be. People. That pretty much drives me through everything I do. Not cliche, just honest. 

Talk about the role that music plays in your everyday life.

Lots of different roles. Soothing. When you need to be relaxed. Encourage you. Get you excited. Being a musician gives you the ability to influence people in a positive way. Glorify the Lord

Talk about the role that music plays in your faith. 

When you’re a person who is consumed by every kind of music where glorifying the Lord or glorifying yourself. It influences my faith a lot. If I’m down listening to worship music gives you a sense of wanting to move closer to the Lord. You see people be passionate about Jesus. 

How can music be used as a tool for evangelism? 

Every single person who listens to music - we were all created to worship. Enter into the presence of the Lord. It reaches out into places where might not come to church. Hip hop music if you have a banging track or a good hook then you get to say the words that bring life. 

What advice would you give to young people about sharing their faith? 

They biggest problem is that they don’t share their faith. Scripture Romans 1:16 be unashamed about the Gospel because of the power of God. Where would i be if nobody shared Christ with me?? 

What would you say is the biggest roadblock to evangelism in the 21st Century?

Church. Hip hop is not accepted. The media. They show bad situations that are not ways to help people. Christians need to be authentic. We feel good when we come into contact to Jesus. In this generation real recognize real. When Christians are being phony, non-Christians know. When you’re living a real faith peoplea re going to wan tthat. 

What is the greatest asset to evangelism in the 21st Century? 

Jesus. If we’re giving them the gospel of Jesus Christ and we’re authentic in the way we’re living it. A big asset is if the church will be unified. If we love one another, that will cause people to come in. 

How does technology play a role? 

It can be big. It is big. You have kids even if they attended a church service they’re worried about what people think but they can go online and watch a video or watch a sermon. 

What is one piece of advice you would give for young people who are afraid to share their faith? 

Be committed to Jesus. If you want to see the fullness of God, let him see the fullness of you. 



Backstage pass will be a series of blog interviews in the coming weeks from Ignite Twin Cities 11 artists and speakers by blogger and live stream director Ally Spotts, who joined us from Portland!

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